One Rhythm Dance is a non-profit organization that wants to be a resource for you to express yourself, while making an impact! Since our focus is to increase peace, we work to provide a creative environment and performances that are free of oppressive thoughts and emotions. Rather, they bring a sense of tranquility and harmony.

So, now as the non-profit is continuing to grow and reach more people, the journey towards peace is becoming more exciting! We hope that you can join for future events, or just stay updated on our upcoming performances as we grow in unity and move in one rhythm.


As founder of One Rhythm Dance, Christine comes from a background of performing and teaching urban and hip-hop choreographies. Her passion and love for dancing, together with a heart for peace inspired her to create a way to use dance to help the community.


Our founder, Christine, had a passion for dance from a young age but although her family supported her interest they were not able to afford the expensive costs of lessons and equipment. Driven to learn more and to express herself she learned first through online videos and tutorials. In college she deepened her experience and began connecting more with others who shared her passion. She experienced freedom and a sense of unity through dance and a vision began to take root. People shouldn’t be hindered in their pursuit of dance by their financial situation or social background. Rather, dance should be used to inspire, to bring people together, to make them one. Through collaboration with other like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, One Rhythm Dance was born.