#ThisIsMe Campaign (February 2022)

[“This is Me” Campaign Submission Instructions]

Purpose: To show unity within our community despite the prejudices that have happened across different groups such as Asian Americans. We have a purpose. We are more than the stereotypes and prejudices people have placed upon us.

We are One Rhythm Dance and we love dancing, this is us. What about you?

  1. Select a photo of yourself doing something you love (i.e. a dance shot, a picture of you doing your favorite hobby and the like)
  2. In your description please include:
    ⁃ Your culture & place you’re from
    ⁃ What you love — Your favorite hobby, passion, or an art you’ve come to appreciate
    ⁃ Fun facts about yourself
    ⁃ A general adversity/struggle you went through and are comfortable sharing and how you overcame
  3. End your description with these hashtags ThisIsMe #OneRhythmDance
  4. Once done hang tight! These hashtags will inform us of your submission and we will respond to you with a request for us to share your submission onto our social media page!

Watch our dance video dedicated to the AAPI Community: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyU5NAI9mok

SUBMIT ON INSTAGRAM/TIKTOK OR HERE: https://forms.gle/3QZ3rr7bNrus7KE78